World of Warcraft Players have finally been relieved off of one game’s most difficult grind issues with wow tbc classic gold. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that players who play more than one character, or alts, will have a much easier time getting to the endgame content following the launch of WoW’s most recent expansion, Dragonflight.

One of WoW’s most significant features is its class system. As players begin playing it begins by selecting from the many classes of characters that dictate how their character will feel and perform during combat. In contrast to some other MMOs (like Final Fantasy XIV where players can unlock all classes on just single character), World of Warcraft is limited to one class. For players who want to see what other classes can do have to create new characters and level them up all over again. If you’re a player with a significant number of alts, it’s exhausting to be forced to repeat the same quests repeatedly again to get a different experience of styles of play.

According to Polygon, Blizzard has decided to change its approach to leveling alts following the release of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Game director Ion Hazzikostas and lead narrative writer Steve Danuser confirmed via a Twitter Space Q&A that progress within the WoW’s most recent expansion will be account-wide, and not tied to one character. A majority of the progress (excluding specific quest-related rewards) that players make during the expansion will be linked to their account. This means that alts will no longer need to play through the new story to reach the content at the end of the game (though it’s an option).

The progression system for accounts across all accounts has been something that players have been demanding for years and is great news for players who have multiple alts. Instead of grinding the same quests repeatedly on different characters, players will be given the option of navigating directly to the endgame content of Dragonflight and take part in new raids using different classes – all hassle-free. The new system is also open to new players who have been playing just one character, as it allows players to create new characters and explore new classes without the fear of having to spend hours playing stories they’ve already played with their main character.

The announcement about account-wide advancement is just one of many changes that Blizzard has implemented with Burning Crusade Classic Gold. If the new expansion does come out players will be able to enjoy a lot to anticipate including improvements to UI customization options along with revamped skill trees the introduction of a new mechanic for flying, and many more. Although World of Warcraft: Dragonflight does not have an official release date, Blizzard has promised more information about the expansion later in the year.

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