WOW Classic TBC beta is named Burning Crusade Classic Beta after updating WOW Classic Beta product. To prepare for The TBC beta, you’d better join in Classic Burning Crusade Beta opt-in now to gain the access to test The TBC.

WOW Classic TBC beta being one step closer

It has been confirmed that WOW Classic Beta product which is used to test Classic beta has been updated for The Burning Crusade and now is named Burning Crusade Classic Beta. And below is a screenshot from Wowhead site, showing the new code for WOW Classic TBC beta:


The new code has some additions and also reduces some codes at the same time. Although there is still no specific date of WOW Classic TBC release or beta, this update indicates that Burning Crusade Classic Beta is approaching closer.

Join in WOW Classic TBC beta opt-in

The opt-in for WOW Classic TBC beta has been active. You can take part in the opt-in to gain a chance of testing The Burning Crusade. You can follow the steps below to opt-in for Burning Crusade Classic Beta:
1. Login your account.
2. Go to Classic Burning Crusade.
3. Scroll near the bottom of the page and click on the Opt-In button.
Upon completing the three steps, you opt-in for TBC beta successfully.

Look forward to WOW Classic TBC beta. And don’t forget to join in Classic Burning Crusade Beta opt-in according to the steps introduced above. What is more, you’d better buy wow classic gold cheap from WOWClassicGP site to prepare for the upcoming beta.

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