The Scarab Lord is a reward for opening Ahn’Qiraj by completing the quest Bang a Gong. The world’s first Scarab Lord was Kalahad of Medivh US.Today WOWclassicgp will show you how to finish the Scarab Lord question. You’ll need a couple of friends or wow classic gold, A Raid, These items, Time & Effort, and a Gaming Chair when you start. There are 32 quests you have to finish, and if you want to see the mounts, you most likely will have to finish all those quests within 7 days.

All right, you start the quest by talking to this guy in Scenario in the hold, you just go to the caverns of time in Tenaris and discover a Chronos, and then you come back to this guy and finish the quest for the next one, he’ll give you another quest that you have to go to black ring layer and kill brood Lord lash layer to get the head of brood Lord. By the way, you can only get one of those raids, and once you get that Adam, you come back here, and you finish the quest.

For the next quest, you need to keep killing elite bugs in salutis until you have 200 saluted carapace fragments, you’ll need to keep repeating this quest until you hit neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu. Every time you finish one of these quests, you’ll get the proxy of Nozdormu.

If you use this on another player, he will be able to help you farm some fragments. Now, this is where the bottleneck is going to happen, so I hope you can have some friends to help you or plans to work your way around this. Remember, you have one week, and you need 42,000 fragments.

For the next quest, when you’re neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu, only you can do is going to enter Chronos, and you can finally talk to him manic on us, then we will give you another quest that you have to go right over here and click on this red crystal on the ground over. Here the crystal will give you another quest. All you have to do is watching a nice life cutscene. After finishing, you will go back to Anna corners and finish the quest.

Let’s get to the main part, you need to get three scepter shards, and each of the scepter shards needs to do a series of questions. Let’s start with the easiest one: the Red Scepter Shard. By the way, you can do any of the shards in any order you want to get the shard.

When you start the quest, you will do this in a new bow instance, and you’ll have five hours to finish this quest. All you have to do is kill Nefarian. Loot the shard, and you’re done, then you turn the quest to Ana Kronos, and you have finished the red scepter shard quest chain.

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