WOW Classic Phase launched on April 14, introducing more game content, faithfully recreating the original World of Warcraft game. Also, there are a variety of highlights in this update, listed as follows:

Zul’ Gurub

It is the first 20-man raid in WOW Classic, located in the northeastern corner of Stranglethorn Vale as we mentioned earlier, you could be one of the hardy explorers and dive into the ancient Troll city full of peril to earn a total of 120 new rare and epic items.

Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza

It is a grand new event set in Phase 4, allowing the aspiring anglers to participate in the grand tournament on the appointed day. But you can’t do until the neighborhood goblins visit Ironforge and Orgrimmar and inform. During the period, the shout will ring out across Stranglethorn to bait your hooks and cast your lines.

Dragons of Nightmare

It added four types of Green Dragons in different zones as immense world bosses, Emeriss, Ysondre, Lethon and Taerar, each has specific spells to deal damage with the opponents, so these four dragons are very powerful to defeat, which spawn at the same time, but it is unclear to tell which will spawn at which portal.

While deal the dragons, they will drop exclusive loot, containing 22 Classic items and 10 shared epic items.Surely, Phase 4 is going to be bringing a huge amount of content, so be ready to prepare all.

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