As WOW Classic Phase 4 arriving, it brought Zul’ Gurub raid, Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, Dragons of Nightmare, etc, correspondingly, there is more new content to add, expanding the demand for classic wow gold .

Not only Phase 4, gold making is a long-term and challenging content in the entire WOW Classic, and here is a guide to give the characters a boost, in particular, this is an exclusive one specially formulated for players of different levels.

Only reaching level 40, the characters could get a mount, so in levels from 1 to 40, you must work hard and upgrade, of which the most efficient way to gain XP is to choose suitable professions like Herbalism, Mining or Skinning in certain locations.

Before level 25, the only you have to do is level up. During this process, you can get only few Classic Gold. Later, keep grinding, or farming in Wetlands, Thousand Needles, Hillsbrad Foothills, or Desolage, and so on, which have a good loot for characters.

For level 40-60, you can complete some hard challenges, and the more difficult the challenges, the more gold you can make. In some locations, they are good for skinning and a good loot table for high-level characters.

Also, some classes are better than others for Gold marking in Classic version, the considerable ones are Mage, the best AoE farming class, Hunter, good for Solo challenges, Warlock, repeatedly experience for XP and gold. This is what you should consider when creating a character to choose the suitable class. Anyway, all of three can bring a large amount of benefits at any level.

Surely, Classic gold making is not done in one day, and you have never been encouraged to pay to win. Daily farming and reasonable investment can ensure maximum fun in the game.
Speaking of proper investment, you can buy WOW Classic Gold in some stores when your inventory is in short supply, as you can’t do all the quests on your own. Here is a good store to trade gold, MMOWTS, becoming the nice assistant while playing.

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