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WOW classic Neutral, Class, and Lootable Mounts

On top of the standard Racial Mounts that are available to players of each Class, there are also several other Mounts available in the game. You will rarely see them as they usually have a very low drop chance or they are a reward for time-consuming Quest or endless Faction Reputation grinding. In the table below we will present all the additional Mounts that were available in Vanilla WoW even if they still weren’t introduced in the Classic version. They are, however, planned to buy wow classic gold be added in the upcoming Phases.

Neutral Mounts – these Mounts are obtained as Loot from Raid/Dungeon Bosses and can be used regardless of the player’s Race and above any beforementioned restrictions. All of the Neutral/Drop Mounts in WoW Classic are “Bind on pickup” and you will have to find yourself a Group of level 60 players to obtain them
Reins of the Deathcharger Icon Name: Reins of the Deathcharger
Rarity: Rare
Level: 40
Location: Stratholme
Drops from: Baron Rivendare
Reins of the Deathcharger
Swift Razzashi Raptor Icon Name: Swift Razzashi Raptor
Rarity: Epic
Level: 60
Location: Zul’Gurub (unlocked in Phase 2)
Drops from: Bloodlord Mandokir
Swift Razzashi Raptor
Swift Zulian Tiger Name: Swift Zulian Tiger
Rarity: Epic
Level: 60
Location: Zul’Gurub (unlocked in Phase 2)
Drops from: High Priest Thekal
Swift Zulian Tiger
Class Mounts – both Paladins and Warlocks can obtain Mounts via Quests chains, allowing them to save up a ton of Gold. Currently, only level 40 Mounts are available though as the Epic ones will be unlocked in Phase 2. Both these types of Mounts originate directly from Spells and you do not use any consumables to unlock them
Paladin (Alliance Only)
Riding Name: Warhorse
Level: 40
Details: You need to visit Stormwind to learn the Summon Warhorse Spell. After you reach level 40 simply head to Stormwind City’s Cathedral Square and find Duthorian Rall, and accept and complete his Tome of Nobility Quest. Enjoy your free level 40 Mount

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