Welcome to our gold farming guide for Mage, where you can learn the best ways to farm wow classic gold with a Mage in WoW Classic. This video is from Damnboi, in which he shares some ways of farming gold (Mage farm DUO/TRIO/QUARTRO) in WoW Classic Naxxramas. All the content is quoted from his video.

Loot Table

Let’s get into it. You are going to kill nine goals, infectious goals and they have a 100 chance to drop a scrap, so you can get all four scraps and get one from each goal. The ones that are hardest to come, and the side is the war torn chain scrap, then the leather one, cloth and plate drop pretty regularly, they have a higher chance drop on top of that word of thawing.

The Pull

As for the pull, the way it works is you only need a lip for every clear, so that is around 4-5 gold I need on servers, so it costs around 2-3 gold depending on how many mages you’re doing this with per clear pretty damn awesome. You do not need a center speed potion, and you only need to bring a little bit of focus and there you have some easy gold, so the pull works like this: you have three packs, one on the left, one on the right and one straight ahead, and you should mark all the slimes, so you can keep a track of where they are.


You’re going to do a blizzard here for 2-3 seconds on the first pack, then you’re gonna blink right away and you’re gonna body pool or fire blast. The right pack you are gonna it’s kinda spelled back in the front, and then you’re gonna lip when they get close to you, and then you do an over and you actually would the preferred way to do.


When you go to three man mage pool, you will still have one guy kiting. But if you have the marauder dagger which most people have, it will only takes 50 kills approximately to get. It is 2% drop chance from the princess in rod, you will be having one mage spamming arcane explosion. With the talent, you have reduced arcane damage threat by 40. As for the frost, you have 30 reduced on frost spells, so you will not be getting angry very fast.


Let’s move on to the four man pool. As for the four man pool, the pool initial is the same. By the way the gargoyle as you can see flying there, actually resets when he gets out here, so don’t worry about that one. When you do the poll, you have to focus and wait for him to run out of line sight. When you’re doing the first blizzard with four mages, the kill time is 7-9 minutes. When we do four mages, we always have 1mage -2 dying a couple of times because they get too eager to kill them faster. What you’re gonna be doing here is the exact same as the three-man pool, but you will have two mages.

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