Doing the Zul’Gurub raids in World of Warcraft Classic? Perfect, you’ve reached the right spot to receive the correct, compact, concise information needed to defeat the raid’s bosses! It’s one of the end-game raids, requiring you to be level 60, so being well-prepared is a necessity to be effective with your (up-to) 20-man raiding party here.

The Zul’Gurub raids have some optional bosses, as you’ll be familiar with raiding by now, not every boss has to be defeated or even encountered. In this particular raid, however, every boss with a prefix of High Priest or High Priestess is absolutely required to progress the raid. As such, you have no option but to defeat this boss, which is usually the third encounter.

Until you defeat Mar’li, you will also give the buff of Aspect of Mar’li to Hakkar. Without further ado, let’s get into the strategy and mechanics Mar’li.

Strategy and Mechanics

Without a minimum of two tanks, you’re going to struggle to defeat Mar’li. The boss has two phases/forms. Many bosses in World of Warcraft Classic have forms that alternate at different %, usually, once they’re at lower health, they transition into a significantly stronger form with better abilities and inflict more damage. This isn’t the case here, the transitions are done roughly every minute (on a timer), between a priest and shadra (spider) form.

If your role is that of the ranged DPS and healers, you must stay, at minimum, 30 yards from Mar’li. This is due to the Poison Bolt Volley ability that, as aforementioned, acts within 30 yards, and deals from 375 to 625 nature damage. It also does additional damage of 289-411 damage every two seconds for 10 seconds (so 5 bursts of additional damage done against you). Any healer or ranged DPS will die straight away if they do not anticipate this. Melee DPS can use some nature resistance, but of course, this negates your damage so isn’t worth it.

The above information applies equally to both forms. This is because the Poison Bolt Volley is accompanied by an ability called Enveloping Webs. Whilst the enveloping webs ability applies only within 20 yards, it completely silences them and reduces your attack speed by 100% – negating any damage you can do. You’re rendered effectively useless, and the boss is further programmed to complement this ability with the charge ability, wherever and whenever it is possible. As such, following the correct distancing advice is of paramount importance and cannot be ignored under any circumstance.

If you’re inflicted with poison, certain abilities can help. Such as the Poison Cleansing Totem that is accessible for the Shamans class.

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