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WOW Classic Global Stress Test Set for Next Week Delayed

Originally, there should be a WOW Classic global stress test taking place next week. But unfortunately it’s announced officially wow classic gold that the global test will be delayed and the later date for this final pre-launch test has not decided yet.

WOW Classic global stress test date

Blizzard just has announced that they will postpone the date of worldwide stress test for WOW Classic, which is originally scheduled on July 25-26. Actually, this is the second time that Blizzard changed it while the last time happened two weeks ago.
Obviously they are not quite ready to do the global stress test and need more time to prepare for the final pre-launch global test.

Global test details

When the global test starts, the multi-region hardware prepared for the full release of WOW Classic will be rolled out by Blizzard. What’s more, many more testers will be able to play through the initial leveling experience. And when it ends, Classic WOW will not be playable until the global release on August 27th.

Anyway, we just sincerely hope the full release of WOW Classic will kick off as they have planned. And when it really comes, let’s enjoy it together with the cheapest WOW Classic gold from us.

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