Although Classic WoW has only 3 battlegrounds that you can enjoy, all of them are unique and offer plenty of fun. However, the largest and most complex among them is most definitely Alterac Valley.And since this massive PvP BG enjoys quite the popularity in World of Warcraft Classic, we’ve created this detailed getting started guide.You’ll find lots of incredibly valuable information regarding what exactly AV is, how it works, tips, tricks, and more. So make sure to read on!

What is Alterac Valley?

Alterac Valley is the biggest battleground in Classic WoW that combines both PvP and PvE encounters. The minimum required level to enter is 51 with a maximum player capacity of 80 (40 per faction).

Now, you can enter AV in two ways: Either by physically going to its entrance located in the Alterac Mountains zone (Eastern Kingdoms) or you can enter this BG by speaking to one of the AV battle masters located in one of the faction capitals.

And the current version of AV that’s available on Classic servers is based on the 1.12 patch that truly represents the authentic vanilla experience.
How is it Played?

AV offers very diverse gameplay with both PvP and PvE aspects being present so you may choose between focusing on one of them or both. Regardless, one of the most crucial aspects of AV is controlling the graveyards (there are a total of 7).

By controlling a graveyard, you can push your enemy’s spawn point further back (at another graveyard) as you advance toward their General. On top of that, there are various towers and bunkers that you can also take control of to further fortify your advancing positions.

There are also 2 neutral gold mines—1 near the Horde and 1 hear the Alliance base. To gain control of one of these mines, players have to slay the boss inside. Once your faction controls a mine (or both), the miners inside will generate supplies that your faction can then use.

Now, each faction has its own NPCs (guards, vendors, etc.) and specific quests, while there are also neutral mobs spread across the battleground. This means that you can either concentrate on pure PvP or decide to put more effort into engaging in the PvE aspect.

The primary objective in AV is to slay the opposing General—the Horde General Drek’Thar (located south) or the Alliance General Vanndar Stormpike (located north). Whichever faction kills the enemy General first grabs the win and this particular AV match comes to an end.

But to achieve to win an Alterac Valley game, there are a number of additional objectives that you have to do first. Although none of them is mandatory, it’d be almost impossible to slay the enemy’s General without completing these secondary objectives first.

And these are the additional objectives:

Capture strategic graveyards – Capturing the graveyard that’s closest to the opposing General will help you to advance quicker and more efficiently for the final assault.
Capture bunkers and towers – This secondary objective is quite important since the more opposing towers or bunkers you capture, the fewer enemy Warmasters (or Marshalls) there will be next to the enemy General.
Slaying enemy Captains – By taking out the opposing faction’s Captains, you’ll not only weaken their ranks but also boost yours as your faction will benefit from certain buffs every now and then.

Alterac Valley is undoubtedly one of the most exciting battlegrounds in Classic WoW thanks to it’s diverse and large-scale design. And now you know what this BG is, how to win in it, what the rewards are, and what you need to do if you’re just starting out. Hopefully, you found our extensive AV guide and Free world of warcraft classic gold helpful, but now we’d like to know—are you a fan of Alterac Valley and its game mechanics? If so, what’s your favorite Classic battleground?

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