From June 6, the WoW Classic closed beta has raised the level cap wow classic gold from 30 to 40, making more new content unlocked in 31-40 range, like 31-points talents new weapons & Maraudon dungeon . And the zones such as Stranglethorn Vale, Desolace, and Arathi Highlands are available from now on.

Enjoy 31-point Talents & New Quests

31-points talents have been unlocked at level 40, including some iconic ones, like Adrenaline Rush for Combat, Dark Pact for Affliction, Shadowform for Shadow, Combustion for Fire & Leader of the Pack for Feral Combat.
At the same time, more quests open up in the new range, while many of them are from Arathi Highlands, Badlands, Dustwallow Marsh, Feralas, Searing Gorge, Stranglethorn Vale, Tanaris, and The Hinterlands. And now it may be easier to complete some Class Quests , like the Mage Wands and Warrior Whirlwind Weapons.

Have Many New Weapons & Armor Option

Weapons in 31-40 include Pendulum of Doom, Staff of Jordan, Ravager, Hypnotic Blade and Fiery War Axe, while the armor includes Wolfshead Helm, Tidal Charm, Arena Master, Scarlet Leggings, Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator, Robe of Power, Aegis of the Scarlet Commander, Herod’s Shoulder as well as Dreamweave Gloves.

Some Recommended Dungeons

There are some dungeons recommended for level 30-40 players:
Maraudon (minimum level 30)
Zul’Farrak (minimum level 39)
Uldaman (minimum level 30)

What is more, from level 40, you can learn how to ride mounts, while from level 35, it’s allowed to train Artisan rank in non-gathering professions and level them up to 300. on the other hand, the cost the respec closed beta characters has been reduced with silver charged rather than gold (This 99 reduction in cost only be applied to the beta test.). And to allow you to enjoy the game better, you are able to buy cheapest WOW Classic gold from us.

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