World of Warcraft is the most successful MMO ever made. And soon, Shadowlands will come, Blizzard’s upcoming effort to shift the state of the game with a handful of bold mechanics.For all you fellow WOW fans out there, here’s everything you need to know about World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, including details on its release date, gameplay, zones, and customization.

Release Date

Blizzard Entertainment is committed to ensuring that World of Warcraft: Shadowlands hits a Fall 2020 release date. However, there’s no exact day announced as of yet, but there might be some evidence to suggest it’ll be on the early side of Q4 2020. This is because the Shadowlands pre-patch just hit the Public Test Realm (PTR). Typically, these pre-patches are released anywhere between four to six weeks before the official expansion launch. If the pre-patch officially launches in a month or so, we could see Shadowlands released in either late October or early November.


One of the big changes coming to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is its addition of Covenants, which let players pledge their allegiance to a specific group in order to be rewarded with unique armor sets, special abilities, cosmetics and more. The four covenants are Kyrian (angelic guardians), Necrolords (undead necromancers), Night Fae (fairies attuned with nature), and Venthyr (gothic vampires).

Shadowlands zones

Shadowlands will be launching with five new areas and a city hub. Bastion is a gorgeous and otherworldly floating land inhabited by angelic creatures called the Kyrian. Maldraxxus is an undead-infested nightmare similarly designed to many plague-ridden Wrath of the Lich King areas. Ardenweald is an enchanting forest occupied by the Night Fae and other beautiful wildlife. The Maw is a ruined vortex of souls, inhabited by the most awful creatures in the Shadowlands. Revendre is straight out of a vampiric fantasy, with a soul-siphoning covenant called Venthyr native to the area. Yes, there are vampires in World of Warcraft, equipped with gothic castles and copious amounts of bats.

Shadowlands customization

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is making some incredible updates to character customization, including the ability for currently existing toons to change their gender for free. Outside of that, every standard race will be given new options, including additional skin tones, faces, hairdos, eye colors and more.

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