The game’s most WoTLK Classic Gold recent patch has attracted the ire of gamers not only over its storyline but also for its brand-new Shards of Domination system, that many players believed didn’t appreciate their time and effort over the past seven years. These kinds of decisions along with the storyline of the game, that have seen more than a handful of long-time WoW players jumping ship from the Blizzard MMO to World of Warcraft V. WoW’s largest streamer, Asmongold, recently played the game by Square-Enix MMO streaming service for the first time July 3. helping to break the record for concurrent players on Steam during the process.

World of Warcraft ‘s biggest streamer, Asmongold, will be playing and streaming the rival MMORPG World of WarcraftV to the world for the first time this weekend.

Asmongold with 2.1 million fans on Twitch He says he’s determined play the game an honest attempt and will begin playing on July 3. He is planning to not use an upgrade to level, and instead wants to follow the game’s story starting from the beginning. He’s also hoping to be a part of some of the game’s toughest buy WoTLK Gold endgame difficulties.

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