World of Warcraft has been 16 years old since its first release in 2004, creating many designs full of whimsy. The most famous and greatest meme of which is also 15 years, as Leeroy Jenkins is celebrating its birthday as a pop culture icon.

Leeroy Jenkins is easily PC gaming’s most pervasive and long-standing joke, especially in the history of World of Warcraft, which went back to a video over ten years ago, while a team of players were crafting an intricate plan, one human paladin shouting his name “LEEROY JENKINS” rushed into the battle and killed the entire party. All long, the video has been hailed a a classic in World of Warcraft, and were mentioned several times in the book or TV, now it has passed away 15 years since its first appearance.

In fact, the video could be regarded as a joke, as there has never been such a stupid mistake in World of Warcraft, but it made Leeroy Jenkins known to everyone, and became an interesting separate meme.

Leeroy Jenkins later told he was chastised by the guild as everyone died, and the video also went viral and has been viewed million of times on major medias, including the executives at World of Warcraft, who once invited him to be a game tester of Blizzard, but he refused. Since 2006, Leeroy Jenkins started to be available in the Trading Card Game and was made into a figurine in 2008.

Now, if not watching the video again, it’s hard for anyone to remember it. In the past decade or so, World of Warcraft has undergone earth-shaking changes, and even turned to a casual game, while Blizzard remains committed to pumping out new content and expansions for the game.

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