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World Of Warcraft Classic Guild Drama Ensues Over Ahn’Qiraj Scarab Lord Griefing

world of warcraft classic ahn qiraj bannerHorde guilds in World of Warcraft Classic have reportedly been having trouble completing the Scarab Lord quest chain due to griefing Cheap wow classic gold by a certain Alliance guild. The quest chain is part of the Opening of The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event and will reward players with the coveted Scarab Lord title.

According to one Reddit thread, Sulfuras has been blocking Horde attempts to take down the boss prompting every eligible Horde guild to gather and try to zerg the boss down. Sulfuras then allegedly mass reported the player who was about to earn the Scarab Lord title who was instantly slapped with a 7-day ban.

The incident has caused the community to voice their concerns about guilds abusing the report system and mass reporting other players to hinder their progress. Blizzard Entertainment replied with an official statement saying that report abuse will not be tolerated and have investigated the incident in question. The team says that the ban wasn’t because of mass reporting but they did discover a number of accounts that have “filed false reports with bad intent” and have punished the offenders accordingly.

There have also been reports of another form of griefing where low-level players are brought into the engage with the boss to buff its stats and abilities thereby making it harder for the actual player doing the quest to take it down. The studio issued a warning to players abusing the mechanic and have assured the playerbase that they will be taking action against offenders which could include suspension of their account.

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