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Click on Appearance – Add New and check out the awesome depository of themes! You will definitely find the theme perfect for you!

You can ask yourself the following questions, when choosing your theme, among the many choices that you have:

Do you want a responsive theme – like AccessPress

AccessPress also gives you the choice of one sidebar, two sidebars or none.

Click on image to see demo

Or do you prefer a blog theme – like PageSpeed

PageSpeed also gives you the choice of one sidebar, two sidebars or none.

Click on image to see demo

How to install:

  • Click on Appearance on your dashboard menu
  • Go to Themes – Add New
  • You can view the theme on Theme – Customize
  • Choose your theme and install it
  • After installation click on Customize to see set up your theme

Make sure you have a homepage. Create one if you don’t, open it and look on your right side menu if you must customize it according to your theme.

*Note. You can tweak your theme on Custom CSS instead of creating a child theme.

It is recommended to use PageSpeed as your default theme until you’re settled in with your final theme. The coding is good and everything just works. So, when something doesn’t work on the themes that you’re testing and it works on PageSpeed then it must be a problem with the other theme. [This kind of thing happens].



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