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WordPress plugins and widgets. Here is a starter-upper collection that you might find useful. Click on Plugins – Add New and search for the plugin name. Install and activate. Go to the plugin details to see setup.


The plugin that lets you hide ‘unnecessary’ items from the WordPress administration menu, for all roles of your install. You can also hide post meta controls on the edit-area to simplify the interface. It is possible to simplify the admin in different for all roles. In other words, you can hide items on your member dashboards.

Ban Hammer

We’ve all had this problem. A group of spammers from somemail.zx are registering to your blog, but you want to keep registration open. How do you kill the spammers without bothering your clientele? While you could edit your functions.php and block the domain, once you get past a few bad eggs, you have to escalate. Ban Hammer does that for you by preventing unwanted users from registering.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Contact Form 7 Honeypot

This simple addition to the wonderful Contact Form 7 (CF7) plugin adds basic honeypot anti-spam functionality to thwart spambots without the need for an ugly captcha.

Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent is one of the simplest and most popular cookie notification plugins out there.

Default featured image

Add a default featured image to the media settings page. This featured image will show up if no featured image is set. Simple as that.

External Links

The external links plugin for WordPress lets you process outgoing links differently from internal links.

Hide Admin Bar From Front End

This plugin provides feature to hide/show admin bar from front end.

If Menu

Display tailored menu items to each visitor, based on visibility rules. Here are a few examples:

  • Display a menu item only if current User is logged in
  • Hide menu items if Device is mobile
  • Display menu items for Admins and Editors
  • Hide Login or Register links for Logged in Users

Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Headers and Footers is a simple plugin that lets you insert code like Google Analytics, custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, and more to your WordPress site header and footer. No need to edit your theme files!

Want to add an image? Upload the image to your media library and use this code [copy and paste the image url/link ] : <img src=”https://yoursite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/yourpic.jpg”>

Recent Posts Widget Extended

This plugin will enable a custom, flexible and super advanced recent posts, you can display it via shortcode or widget. Allows you to display a list of the most recent posts with thumbnail, excerpt and post date, also you can display it from all or specific or multiple taxonomy, post type and much more!

Responsive Lightbox by dFactory

Responsive Lightbox allows users to view larger versions of images and galleries in a lightbox (overlay) effect optimized for mobile devices.

Restrict Categories

Restrict the categories that users can view, add, and edit in the admin panel.

Restrict Widgets

Restrict Widgets is all in one solution for widget management in WordPress. It lets you easily control the pages that each widget will appear on and avoid creating multiple sidebars and duplicating widgets. You can also set who can manage widgets, which sidebars and widgets will be available to selected users, which widget options will be available and how it will be displayed.

Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share enables your website users to share the content over Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and over 100 more social sharing and bookmarking services.


A combination of frame-breaker and scraper protection. Protect your website content from both frames and server-side scraping techniques. If either happens, visitors will be redirected to the original content.

Simple Exclude Categories

Hide posts in categories on WordPress homepage.

Theme My Login

This plugin themes the WordPress login, registration and forgot password pages according to your current theme. It creates a page to use in place of wp-login.php, using a page template from your theme. Also includes a widget for sidebar login.

View Own Posts Media Only

This plugin allows to restrict user with Author and Contributor roles to view their own Posts and Media Library items only at admin back-end.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Resize, optimize, optimise and compress all of your images with the incredibly powerful and 100% free WordPress image smusher, brought to you by the superteam at WPMU DEV!

Yoast SEO

Need an SEO plugin that helps you reach for the stars? Yoast SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin since 2008. It is the favorite tool of millions of users, ranging from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet. With Yoast SEO, you get a solid toolset that helps you aim for that number one spot in the search results. Yoast: SEO for everyone.



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