The Two Faces Of January

The Two Faces Of January. In 1962, con man Chester MacFarland and his wife Colette tour Greece and visit the Acropolis of Athens.

the two faces of january

There they meet Rydal Keener, who scams tourists while working as a tour guide.

The MacFarlands discover that Rydal is an American and invite him to dinner, and Rydal, intrigued by the couple’s wealth and Colette’s beauty, accepts their invitation, mentioning his girlfriend.

Colette likes Rydal, but Chester does not trust him one bit.

Rating: 8/10

the two faces of january strip

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After dinner, they part, but Rydal goes back to their hotel to return a bracelet Colette left in their shared taxi.

Meanwhile, a private detective hired by victims of Chester’s investment swindles goes to the MacFarlands’ hotel room and demands that Chester repay their money.

The detective pulls a gun, and Chester kills him by accident in a brief struggle, when the detective falls and hits his head.

While Chester is trying to stow the body in the detective’s hotel room, Rydal finds him in the corridor.

Chester asks Rydal for his help, pretending that he found the detective drunk and unconscious in the lobby.


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