Three tips on how to attract women instantly

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We all want to attract our opposite sex whether we are looking forward for a long and committed relationship or to simply have a wonderful time. And for us guys, when you attract women, it feels good. But not of all of us can do this thing right. We can face rejection and it can really hurt our male ego. So here are tips on how to draw women’s attention. These may be simple but they are often overlooked by men.

Be presentable

Now, you don’t have to be as dapper as Agent 007 but let’s face it, we are not the tidiest creatures on earth. As simple as showing up at a party in a clean and shaved face can turned women’s attention to you especially if they are used in seeing you as a hairy monster. You can also attract women in a bar when you talk to them without smelling like an ashtray.

Be yourself

By plainly being yourself in any social event can lead to attracting women. If you are a natural clown, be funny or if you are a little uptight go for it – women love mysterious guys. The rule here is not to pretend to be someone else or else you will shove women away in one second.

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Be confident

For both men and women, confidence plays a major role when it comes to attraction. There are many not-so-gorgeous women or men who are still considered attractive simply because they are confident. They carry themselves well and strike good and sincere conversations. This may take a little while particularly among shy men but take it easy, you will learn the ropes sooner or later.

To attract women is not that difficult as it may seem. Just remember these tips and you will walk home with a nice girl even before the party ends.

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