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This is why I had to limit my in-game FPS limit to 60

Even with all addons deactivated, I noticed that WOW TBC Gold the game could flicker regardless of whether VSync was turned off or switched on. It happened regardless of the fact that my GPU was over its limits. With all the lush vegetation and zones such as Nagrand the GPU of my computer would be forced to the limit before eventually resulting in being throttled.

And it appears that the WoW engine really does not like when the GPU is able to throttle for my configuration. My CPU was not running at a brisk pace, but with my GPU running at its limits, I could see the flickering. The flickering became more noticeable due to extensions.

This is why I had to limit my in-game FPS limit to 60 , and everything became more stable. Although it’s annoying when you’re able see your back at 60 after a few minutes of playing but it’s far better than the flickering that I experienced.

So after changing my settings, and limiting my framerate down to 60, I still was seeing a fair amount of flickering. This is what I previously mentioned in my blog post. Although I was sure it was the fault of my GPU, a part of me believed it could be the culprit. My GPU will not be able to handle other games. It’s the right time to upgrade my GPU. I’ll need another. (I wanted to upgrade my GPU, but …) I’m convinced the GPU is fine. There aren’t any issues with the hardware.

My issue isn’t caused by Windows 10’s old DWM, Desktop Window Manager, or refresh rate code. It’s then required to adjust the WoW rate on my primary monitor to match that of my GPU, which typically is not 144 FPS. Since my second monitor was still just fine running at 144hz, the DWM could cause an increase in brightness as it dropped the frames from my primary monitor.

Prior to that I had my primary running at 144hz, and my second running at 60 Hz. I didn’t even notice it, because DWM had, unbeknownst, kept both framerates at 60. I was still experiencing flickering occasionally, but I realized that any solution that resolved it ultimately lead to my in-game FPS dropping to 60.

The flicker I saw was reproduced in the crafting. Even with no mods on as I turned scraps of leather into leather, for example I would cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold notice an occasional flicker after completion. My mods that I have used are running and I’m having no issues.

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