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This Guy Inserts Pop Culture Characters Into Old Thrift Store Paintings

Culture Characters

Culture Characters

Dave Pollot is a painter in the US who brings new life to old and forgotten thrift store paintings by adding pop culture characters. He uses these old paintings to combine his interest in painting with his love for popular characters.

“Before I began repurposing discarded thrift oil paintings, I did more ‘serious’ architectural paintings and landscapes,” writes Pollot on his website. “While I loved this, I found that I got bored very quickly (which resulted in about three completed paintings a year). Bringing new life to old art, though, brings interesting challenges with each new cool painting.”

He further writes, “I try to make my ‘additions’ (which are often references to and parodies of my favorite movies and video games) look as though they were there the entire time. With a world so full of serious questions, I’m just trying to let viewers laugh as they construct their own narrative from some new oil paint humorously added to some old, neglected bit of Americana.”

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