You’ll quit after you’ve given them money, playing? That’ll show em. As long as everyone says who cares and provides them cash, they have no reason to fix a thing. Let’s be true, if someone is playing Madden at this point, they are not going to stop. This will be my third year maybe not purchasing it. It’s the garbage each year every year. They focus on some idiotic gimmick or flair they throw in but the gameplay regresses. Then the next year they gut something else but highlight”improvements” to match play, which are just small parts of gameplay they’ve previously gutted and brought back. “OMG, they brought individual team helmets to the pro bowl Mut 23 coins.”

Theyhave realized they will make more money this way and’ve looked at the margins. They don’t care if you like the Madden NFL 23 game. Sure they bought the Madden NFL 23 match but this is not much cash. They are not selling the Madden NFL 23 match to the franchise style player, it’s not even for us. If you aren’t spending 500 dollars on Madden NFL 23, they don’t give a fuck about you. I don’t think it’ll ever be mended. Tbh, I just follow this sub to find out whether they can ever break from it but idt they will unless people really quit purchasing the Madden NFL 23 game.

EA didn’t spend all that cash for an exclusive permit to need to produce the best game, they did it so that they could keep their sport as basic as you can, and still own the marketplace. I started searching for a ps3 and ncaa 14 yesterday since I’m not purchasing Madden NFL 23 and Madden 23 is just the worst. Or have a bone and stop enjoying this instant. They called this year, us clowns. Do not make their announcement true.

I checked into Madden 23 and then checked out before the Easter promo. I remained steady until the Rookie Premieres that I obtained six or seven and then checked back out to the summer. Now, I feel super disconnected with the Madden NFL 23 match and much more connected with the neighborhood following the entire #FixMaddenFranchise in refusing to purchase the Madden NFL 23 game. It gets old doing the identical thing on your own year after year. It’s just the exact same thing on repeat, and cheesere online dont help. Anyone else feel like that?

I am not hyped at all. Have not even searched any information on it. I do not really care, unless there is earth shattering franchise changes. If I was a teenager I used to purchase every single one I could be up to date but I really don’t care today. I believe that. Im in my mid 20s now and have gotten the Madden NFL 23 game every year, but slowly my friends have stopped playing Madden and now its only me and one friend. We’re both less than excited for this year and will likely adhere to 2K.

I could not agree with your opinion more. I don’t have any enthusiasm for the Madden NFL 23 game, not one of my friends play it, every single season it seems just like a demo version that they somehow retail for $60. A brand new exclusivity deal was signed before 2026, despite how much I want it to, I understand that Madden NFL 23 won’t be any greater. I think I’m gonna sit out this one. This past year I was excited for M20 buy madden nfl 23 coins.

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