These teams have made the playoffs, maybe won a game or two, but haven’t been able to break through to make a deep playoff run Mut 23 Coins. Playing with these teams will bring you a sense of pride when you win a Lombardi Trophy. Watch out for your folding tables if you take the Buffalo Bills all the way.

These teams seem to have already hit their peak on the real gridiron. But in Madden NFL 22. anything is possible. These teams have some of the most experienced signal-callers leading the way but a roster that has some holes due to the contract their quarterback received. Ride into the sunset with these teams.

The teams in this tier sit right on the outside of the playoffs all season long and just can’t seem to break in. They have tons of talent but for whatever reason crumble down the stretch or start too poorly at the beginning of the season. Take these teams to the playoffs and hear the entire city breathe a sigh of relief.

These teams have drafted quarterbacks high in the NFL draft over the last few seasons and are poised to go through some growing pains. But they also have a lot of potential due to the unknowns of their quarterbacks. This is the best spot to be in outside of the top two tiers.

These teams either have massive holes in their roster (looking at you, Detroit) or have some big contracts coming due that they won’t be able to afford. Only the best roster managers should take on these teams Madden 23 Coins Cheap. Winning a Super Bowl with any of these franchises will feel like the real thing.

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