Since the meter is displayed NBA 2K MT nearly immediately after pressing the button and offers you the opportunity to time your release, however if you find that you’re consistently undercooking shots, you might be better off using very Late or somewhere in the middle. The best method to determine which method works best for you is to try it out with the players you love in 2KU.

As a default, your Defensive Assist Strength will default to 50 in the Controller Settings. This function tries to anticipate how your adversaries will move you’re guarding, but we’ve found it to be too in some instances to be aggressive. It is possible to turn off this feature completely if it’s your belief in your abilities on the sticks, but we’d suggest keeping it on at least a little, so there’s still a tiny amount of magnetism that can aid you in staying ahead of your opponents. Again, spend some time with 2KU to discover what you like best, but personally we believe about 25 is the ideal zone.

There’s nothing more annoying in NBA 2K23 than seeing a large-open teammate, and then accidentally throwing an object to the wrong player. In Controller Settings, you can adjust your Pass Target Profile. The weighting is determined by a trio of different factors: Pass Target Direction, Pass Target Distance, and Cheap NBA 2K MT Pass Target Openness.

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