With a wham, a bam, and a flurry of shuriken, Shattered Worlds was changed for the better this week. From bosses, to rewards, to the UI, every single part of the minigame has been given a new lease of life. Read the information below to learn new objectives, rewards and more.

Three extra objectives added to RS Shattered Worlds

The first thing you’ll notice is that along with a bit more task variety, there are now three extra objectives you might be asked to complete in your world-hopping adventures: deal a certain amount of damage, repair the portal, and summon and kill the boss.

Every fifth world will be a ‘boss world’, where you’ll find Gielinor’s most iconic baddies, including the God Wars Dungeon 1 Generals (except for Nex), the Chaos Elemental, Dagannoth Kings, and the Barrows Brothers. To summon them, you’ll need to defeat a certain percentage of the monsters in that world.

Repairing the portal is also fairly straightforward. The monsters you kill will drop three pieces of a handy-dandy portal repair kit, which you can then use to fix up the portal and move on to the next world. There’s no Construction required, which is probably why it fell apart in the first place.

New Rewards added to RS Shattered Worlds

Alongside these new objectives, the Abyssal Knights have provided some fancy new rewards for you to earn! The following items can be exchanged for anima in the Shattered Worlds reward store:

1.Slayer Masks and Spirits of Battle

The various Slayer masks available from Shattered Worlds have been reorganised into a single tab and ordered by Slayer level requirement. In addition, you can now purchase Spirits of Battle for 100 million anima each. This is the first time Spirits of Battle have been available outside of Treasure Hunter, so for those of them unfamiliar with their use: they’ll reset the killcount on your Slayer mask, letting you get more benefits out of each one.


Three new titles can now be purchased from the Shattered Worlds store:The Abyssal Knight,Animaniac,and Abyss Diver.

3.Teleport Scrolls

The develop team have got the scroll for players. This helpful teleport will take you directly to Shattered Worlds, and each one costs just 250,000 anima.

4.Interface Changes

The Shattered Worlds UI has been completely overhauled, with more info boxes, new minimap icons, and a revamped layout that should make the minigame feel much less complicated.

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