The reason why you should not play Shadow Priest is because Shadow Priest is because it is a spec that is extremely unforgiving since your main defense is dispersion. And after that, if your position isn’t perfect, your death is highly likely WoTLK Classic Gold. A great Shadow Priests is running the team of enemies to death right from the beginning. They can add massive surges of damage to any target that is within their line of sight , while also pushing into and making triple-fears into a scifi movie. or silence for the final part of the DPS good Shadow Priests are not common, however when you come across one, it’s evident the strength of the spec it can be.

Up next is an extremely well-known class, known as the Wrath of the Lich King. Of course, we are talking about Paladin. While you have the option of playing defense and the Nish Arena Tom I won’t be covering it as it is the worst out of the four specifications. This means that we will be covering the other three which are retribution preg and holy.

Beginning with retribution, This spec is extremely steady damage output as offering a lot of benefits to their team. As a rule, it comes off to the side a lot of dispels huge burst damages multiple damage mitigation cooldowns for not only you but your team and blessing a liberty now takes you or teammates out of stuns completely negating them when used.

Why you would want to play a red is because they have huge burst damage as well as a very massive toolkit to safeguard themselves and their fellow teammates from dying in addition to being able block every single player CC for developers in the game, with the exception of nurses cheap WoTLK Gold. The reason you shouldn’t play red as because they do not have any real gap closer and you will always be chasing your target with no abilities like charging blank or Shadowstep.

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