Henne took over for an injured, then-ineffective Blaine Gabbert and hasn’t fared significantly better in his first seasonHe’s thrown for 1.450 yards three touchdowns Mut 23 Coins, and five interceptions in five starts.

The undefeated Chiefs were unable to make a trade in the final hours of the deadline, but they did execute a roster move -that is – Kansas City released 27-year-old tight end Kevin Brock.

Brock’s roster space can be filled in by Anthony Fasano, who had been injured. Brock caught three passes for 36 yards this season in an occupancy that rotates.

The Madden NFL 23 is in the process of buying rights to Thursday Night Football and could divide them between two, or perhaps three, television networks in 2016. according to John Ourand of SportsBusinessDaily.

What we know for certain is that at least eight Thursday games must be exclusively telecast by Madden NFL 23 Network. In the event that eight regular season games are televised solely on Madden NFL 23 Network, it is able to keep its distributor affiliate rates in excess of $1 and avoid major drop.

But with the possibility of playing 17 Thursday Night Football games in 2016 and that leaves 9 games that could be bought by TV networks and the prospect of bidding wars between CBS, NBC and Fox.

According to Ourand, the Madden NFL 23 is considering splitting its remaining nine television broadcasts up into three-game deals each with CBS, NBC and Fox. Ourand said cable networks like ESPN as well as Turner Sports have bowed out due to the smaller packages and one-year deals which the Madden NFL 23 is seeking However, according Ronald Grover of TheStreet Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins, that hasn’t kept Fox from pushing hard for rights and trying to compete with CBS for the rights.

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