The Last Ship

The Last Ship. Two civilian virologists, Drs. Rachel Scott and Quincy Tophet, claiming to be studying birds, join Captain Tom Chandler and crew aboard the USS Nathan James on their way to the Arctic.

the last ship

Renegade Russian forces attack them, and Chandler learns the virologists are actually collecting samples of a deadly virus that has infected 80 percent of the human population while they have been at sea.

The remaining U.S. government orders the ship home, and those aboard try desperately – many in vain – to contact their family.

After a nuclear detonation, the crew boards a ship filled with dead, infected people. The safest place to develop a vaccine is on their ship in open water.

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Rating: 9/10

Series: 3 seasons

the last ship strip

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Chandler and his crew head to the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in hopes of collecting food, medical supplies and fuel replenishments.

Three teams are dispatched to carry out these varied tasks.

While there, they come under attack by escaped Al-Qaeda prisoners and enlist the help of a grizzled private contractor who’s been surviving for weeks.

Meanwhile back onboard, Dr. Tophet is following orders from some unknown source and tries to sabotage proceedings, delaying departure long enough for a Russian battlecruiser to arrive on the scene.

The Nathan James faces off against a Russian battlecruiser and its commander, a legendary admiral studied by Chandler.

Dr. Tophet attempts to kidnap Scott, and reveals that the Russians are holding his family hostage.

The Nathan James attempts to escape by stealth, and Green and Foster go on a mission to disable the Russian ship.

After leaving Gitmo, the ship and its crew are in danger when the propulsion system encounters serious mechanical problems.

Scott’s samples of the virus and all her research must be protected from overheating, while Chandler comes up with ideas to face the ship’s low water supplies and the lack of propulsion.


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