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Take Care of the Air with Alpine Air Products

Alpine offers amazing air purifiers to freshen up the air instantly, but even in case of these extremely effective machines, certain parts need to be replaced eventually so that the air purifier can continue to perform smoothly. At, you can get the best personal air-purifiers at an affordable price range.


Air Purifier Replacement Parts at


Lint screens –. The function of the lint screen is to filter the air and catch larger particles, making the air clear and better. Due to continuous use, the lint screen starts to have holes in it, becomes worn out, and requires to be replaced after a certain time. The screen should be cleaned once a month with a cloth and warm water to keep it working.


HEPA filter – High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter is the master of air purification. As a HEPA filter, it must clear 99.97% of contaminated air particles which are 0.3 micrometers or larger. Unlike other filters, HEPA filters are made up of randomly arranged fiber glasses. Three types of mechanisms are applied in these unique filters such as-


  • Interception: They are meshed fibers that catch particles passing near it.


  • Diffusion: In this process, gas molecules catch tiny particles and make their movement slow through the filter, directing the contaminated particles towards the fibers.


  • Impaction: The advanced layout of the filter produces air streams that lead the particles towards the fibers, grabbing them before they can get into the other parts.


 Maintenance of HEPA filter: Usually, three steps are taken to execute the process of maintaining the HEPA filters.


Step 1:- Take off the filter and go outside.


Step 2:- Make use of an air hose to blast the filter while holding it or putting it over a trash can.


Step 3:- Then, both sides should be cleaned. Some people prefer to take a hose with an average pressure of water as an extra step.

Despite cleaning the filter from time to time, it needs to be replaced at a point for maintaining pure air quality.


RCI cells – Radiant catalytic ionization (RCI) cell is one of the most significant Alpine parts for smooth air purification which helps to oxidize the pathogens in the air making it harmless.


Fan motor/blade – The main two functions of these blades are to pull in contaminated air and push out purified air.


UV lamp – The UV lamp is one of the Alpine parts that require replacement. UV lights remove many pathogens and contaminants air, making the air much cleaner. UV light produced by the sun is a natural form of air purification. Alpine air purifiers contain the light within the system with the help of these internal UV lamps.


Fuse/Fuse holders – Sometimes, the air purifier does not turn on because of a blown fuse in the system. An easy replacement is a right solution for you.


Harsh environment pads – Harsh environment pads offer you an advanced level of air filtration. One of the chief advantages of this accessory is low maintenance. Instead of monthly cleaning you just have to clean it once every three to six months.


Owner’s manual – There is no need to worry if you have lost your manual or using a second-hand air purification system because you can always order another manual from our site!


Ozone plate –The ozone plate, an integral part of the air purification system, must be replaced in a year or two according to the use and maintenance. Usually, you must be able to smell ozone generated from the air purifier, but if it stops creating that smell, it is time for a replacement.


Don’t forget to contact for replacing your air-purifying parts and getting the best personal air purifiers.



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