Lilo And Stitch

Lilo and Sticth. Dr. Jumba Jookiba is arrested and put on trial by the Galactic Federation for “illegal genetic experimentation”, evidenced by his creation Experiment 626, a small sentient creature with unparalleled intelligence and strength, but also a propensity to cause chaos. Jumba is imprisoned while Experiment 626 is sentenced to exile on a desert

San Andreas

san andreas

San Andreas. Raymond “Ray” Gaines is a Los Angeles Fire Department Air Rescue pilot in the midst of a divorce from his wife and planning a trip to San Francisco with his daughter Blake. Meanwhile, Caltech seismologist Dr. Lawrence Hayes and his colleague Dr. Kim Park are at Hoover Dam doing research for a new earthquake predicting model when a nearby and previously unknown fault ruptures.

Knight And Day

day and knight

Knight And Day. After colliding with Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) twice in the airport departure terminal on the way home from Wichita to pick up car parts, June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is told she has been bumped to a later flight. C.I.A. Agent John Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard), believing Havens is working with Miller, puts her back on the plane. Completely taken



The story details the ongoing trials of Angel, a vampire whose human soul was restored to him by gypsies as a punishment for the murder of one of their own. After more than a century of murder and the torture of innocents, Angel’s restored soul torments him with guilt and remorse. Angel moves to Los

Kong Skull Island

There is no island like the Kong Skull Island. Scientists, soldiers and adventurers unite to explore a mythical, uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean, the Kong Skull Island. Cut off from everything they know, they venture into the domain of the mighty Kong, and immediately start to detonate bombs. This ignite a fierce battle between


RIPD is the ultimate police force! Lawman Nick Walker Roy Pulsifer is killed by his partner and now works for the RIPD, a legendary police force charged with finding monstrous spirits who are disguised as ordinary people. However, these monsters are trying to avoid their final judgment by hiding out among the living. When Nick


Dune is the timeless epic. In the year 10191, a spice called melange is the most valuable substance known in the universe, and its only source is the desert planet Arrakis. A royal decree awards Arrakis to Duke Leto Atreides and ousts his bitter enemies, the Harkonnens. However, when the Harkonnens violently seize back their freedom,

Independence Day

Independence Day is the most famous war of all between earth and alien invasion. Independence Day immediately jumps off with a strange phenomena surface around the globe. The skies ignite as terror races through the world’s major cities. As these extraordinary events unfold, it becomes increasingly clear that a force of incredible magnitude has arrived.

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 is the third installment in the Despicable Me film series, and the sequel to Despicable Me 2 (2013). Following the previous film, Gru is now an agent for the Anti-Villain League (AVL) and he and his wife Lucy are sent to foil the plans of Balthazar Bratt. Brat is a supervillain who was a former child actor

Kung Fu Panda

The kung-fu panda called Po and he is adorable. It’s the story about a lazy, irreverent slacker panda, named Po, who is the biggest fan of Kung Fu around. Here he trains, protects, fights, teaches, learns, stumbles, talks too much, and geeks out as the newest hero in town. Now living in the barracks with


Security is an unexpected pleasant surprise! Security starts with a guy who is desperate to find a job, any job. The consultant took pity on him and gives him a low wage job as a security guard in a mall. The bananas hit the fan not even an hour after he reported at the mall


Banshee is a lion den for tigers! The story immediately kicks off on a high note when an ex-con becomes the sheriff of the town, purely by chance. We can immediately see that this sheriff is not to be messed with, and he won’t take any lip from anyone, even from the guy that runs

Twin Peaks

twin peaks new

It’s really 25 years later for Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks starts off at the moment that the second season ended 25 years back. It gives you a surreal feeling that no time has passed and that you only saw the second season a little while back. The only thing that shows the truth is the

Alien Covenant

The Alien Covenant follows on the movie Prometheus. When the colony ship, the Covenant, arrived at a remote planet, the members thought they have reached paradise. But they soon realised that they found hell when attacked by a horrifying alien life-form on the surface. David, the synthetic survivor of the doomed Prometheus, saved them and it

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman finds her idyllic life on a hidden island that she calls home under threat when a pilot crash-lands in the sea nearby. After rescuing him, she learns that World War I is engulfing the planet, and vows to use her superpowers to restore peace. She is a warrior queen with the courage of

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 rocks! This movie is better than the first one, if it’s even possible. The visual experience, by watching the unequalled imagination come to life, is pure in its pleasure. It has a strong storyline soaked in all the emotions you can think off.  It’s all here. And then there’s

Da Vinci Demons

His life in Florence is full of tribulations and he soon goes on a quest in search of the Book Of Leaves. This series is a historical fantasy drama series and offers aplenty intrique and a fascinating fictional account of the life of Leonardo da Vinci.

White Gold

White Gold is the story of a double-glazing showroom in Essex in the 80s.
It’s an excellent offbeat comedy told by the charismatic Vincent Swan.


Defiance is now home to different races of aliens and humans alike. It’s in the middle of the 21st century and there are new rules and a completely altered landscape on Earth after aliens started arriving on earth for the last thirty years. Mysterious Nolan and his charge, Irisa, come to the town of Defiance,

Dark Matter

A spaceship crew awaken from stasis on the spaceship, the Raza, with no memory of their mission or identity, or why they are together as a crew. So they assume numeric names One through Six, in the order in which they awakened.