LORD Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2016
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CGI: L.O.R.D Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2016

Legend Of Ravaging Dynasties Full Movie channel The Odin Mainland is separated into four countries, in each lives a group…

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CGI Award Winning Sci-Fi Short Film : Abiogenesis – by Richard Mans

  Short film: 4.25 minutes – Abiogenesis   channel Abiogenesis. A strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and…

3D Animated Short Lost
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CGI 3D Animated Short Film: “Lost” by RealtimeUK

  Short film: 3.06 minutes – Lost   channel Check out “Lost” an in-engine demo produced for Amazon’s Lumberyard game…

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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Black Hole” presented by DUST

Short film: 2:42 minutes – The Black Hole   channel An office drone (Napoleon Ryan) finds a mysterious piece of…

the signal
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The Signal – A Sci-Fi Short Film by Marcus Stokes

Short film: 8:50 minutes   channel 2046. A new energy source, created to solve the world’s energy crisis, is believed…

the typist
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Typist – SciFi Short Film

Short film: 15:55 minutes   channel Typist is an Israeli independent sci-fi short film. The film participated in 40 international…

stealing time
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Stealing Time – SciFi Time Travel Short Film

Short film: 17:28 minutes channel Stealing time. When a down-on-his-luck inventor builds a time machine to change the past, he…

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Sci-Fi Short Film

Short film: 6:52 minutes – Hybrids   channel After the death of her daughter an ex-special forces soldier seeks revenge…