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Surreal Paintings of Women Exploring Climate Change

surreal paintings 1

surreal paintings 1

In her new solo show, Stranger Than Earth, artist Redd Walitzki showcases her memorable and meaningful approach to portraiture in her surreal paintings.

Featuring the female figure and intended as commentary on climate change, the pieces that compose the exhibition serve as both stunning surrealist portrayals and as whimsical works of activist art.

Each enchanting painting incorporates a range of unexpected influences extracted from Walitzki’s own experiences.

Born in Bavaria and based in Seattle, she has encountered and absorbed an array of artistic inspirations, from the swirling silhouettes of Rococo ornamentation to the “lush surroundings of her home in the Pacific Northwest.”

By coupling these seemingly contrasting aesthetics, Walitzki is able to produce paintings that are undeniably fanciful yet rooted in realism.

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surreal paintings



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