Solty Rei

Solty Rei. Aurora Shell: A protective barrier that holds the atmosphere of the planet in place. Any object that comes into contact with it is affected much the same as being struck by lightning.

solty rei
In addition to the Aurora-like waves of color produced at night, it also hinders air travel and EM wave detection. It is revealed near the end of the series that it contains a large number of nanomachines; after the Blast Fall, children that were exposed to the falling nanomachines now had their DNA altered, including Rose, Accela, Integra, Sylvia, and Celica.

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Rating: 10/10

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Blast Fall: A disaster that occurred approximately 12 years before the series, where an overly large building of old R.U.C. was struck by a massive lightning from the Aurora Shell, causing widespread death and destruction from the falling debris.

It was later verified that the Blast Fall was caused by a powerful laser, fired from the migration ship’s defense system controlled by Eirene; and shot it into the Aurora Shell to prevent Hilga, with Ashley Lynx as its pilot, from taking off. The laser discharge converted itself into a massive, powerful lightning that obliterated the old R.U.C. headquarters just before Hilga could launch. The blast destroyed everything near the location of ground zero.

Genuine: A term used to humans that have 100% full-body Resemble in them. Solty is the only example in the show of a Genuine Resemble.

New Rights Child: A term describing children who were unconditionally granted rights as Registered Citizens after the Blast Fall. In the wake of the catastrophe, a large number of children who could not be identified were sent to city orphanages. In response, the city’s political leadership decided to grant a number of these orphans residency in order to give them access to healthcare and other city amenities. The first individual to be identified as a New Rights Child is Rita Revant. After being visited by Roy Revant (who mistakenly believes her to be his daughter), Rita explains that she is able to receive welfare and live in the countryside because of her benefits as a New Rights Child.


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