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sanfew serum in osrs

There are many great potions players can use in Old School Runescape. Some potions are extremely useful when dealing with poisonous enemies, or enemies that can deal out a lot of damage. One potion that can be of great us is sanfew serum.The sanfew serum is named for the druid leader Sanfew. He can be found in the city of Taverly. He resides upstairs in the Herblore shop and buy rs3 gold and play a part in several quests.

Properties of Sanfew Serum

Sanfew serum has a lot of benefits in OSRS. This handy serum combines the properties of super restore, superanitpoison, and Relicym’s balm. The serum provides resistance to disease for fifteen minutes and resistance to poison for six minutes. While Relicym’s balm weakens the strength of disease, it does not provide immunity, unlike sanfew serum.

The player must have at least level 65 Herblore to create this potion. They must also have completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters quest.Each completed dose of sanfew serum generates Herblore experience. A one-dose serum generates 96 points, a two-dose generates 128 experience, three-dose 160 experience, or 192 experience for a four-dose serum.Sanfew Serum can also be traded on the Grand Exchange.

Creating Sanfew Serum

To create a sanfew serum in OSRS a player must first have four doses of super restore serum. The player must then add the following ingredients, in order, to the super restore serum= unicorn horn dust, clean snake weed, and nail beast nails.Unicorn horn dust is obtained by grinding a unicorn horn with a mortar and pestle. It can also be a drop item by cave crawlers. The player can get unicorn horn as a drop from unicorns. Unicorn horn dust can be used to make several potions with antipoison properties.

Snake weed can be found in marshy jungle vines. They can also be item drops by Jogres and Tribesmen in their grimy form. They can be found in the marshy land of Tai Bwo Wannai near Karamja. This herb can be used to make several other potions such as Recliym’s balm.

Nail beast nails can only be obtained by defeating nail beasts. These enemies can be found in the Temple Trekking minigame. Nail beasts can hit three times per attack and usually are encountered in groups, which make them very dangerous enemies to battle.Incomplete sanfew serums are labeled as Mixture Step 1 and Mixture Step 2. Neither of these potions are drinkable or useable at that stage.

To avoid accidentally drinking any of the super restore potions, players should make sure that the unicorn horn dust is highlighted before clicking on the vials. Since the serum is undrinkable after this step until the serum is completed, there is no danger of accidentally drinking the super restore potions once the unicorn horn dust has been added.

Using Sanfew Serum against Enemies

Sanfew serum can also be used effectively against nail beasts. The serum will give 20-40 damage and give the player combat experience. To use the serum as a weapon, make sure the player has no weapons equipped.

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