Right now we have known the OSRS Warding poll results. With only 66.4% of votes saying yes to Warding rs3 gold , the Old School will not add new Warding skill in game later.

Warding poll closed already

The Warding poll has been closed, and the results have come out. There are over 12K number of votes cast, which is the largest content poll until now in Old School” history. And there have been 82,633 ((66.4%) voting yest to Warding while 41,726 (33.6%) voting no to the skill. Since this result hasn’t reached the 75% approval mark, you will not be able to see Warding in game ever. As a matter of fact, this failing is hardly surprising based on the discussions among players previously while some of them have ever called other players to vote no to the poll. And many players don’t seem inclined to accept the Warding skill in game. Some even express this polling result has saved the Old School game eventually.

What is the next plan of the OSRS team?

The team will go to do more investigations on whether there is a general appetite for a new skill. Besides, by reviewing all 3 skills polled in Old School’s history so far, they will figure out a way to get you all involved in design to bring skills that the community really want.
Anyway, the Old School team still put your desires first. And right now they are focusing on the Song of the Elves, Last Man Standing, and RuneFest 2019 etc.

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