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Runescape Game Update: Ninja Strike 7 – Tier 92 Armour and More

Wow, it’s hot out there! Especially with all this elite armour on. Oh, you haven’t heard? We’re all able to afford Tier 92 armour now, because our Ninja Team has been working on an exciting new repair system – with help from honorary Ninjas Mod Orion and Mod Camel. More on that shortly, plus news on the July 4th event, a mobile update, and the Solomon’s General Store Summer Sale!

Ninja Strike 7: Tier 92 Armour
The main focus of Ninja Strike 7 is Tier 92 armour, but as you’ll soon hear, they’ve been busy all over the game! Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

Tier 92 Elite Armour Repair
Tier 92 Armour is the best armour in RuneScape, but most players have had to settle for lesser alternatives because it’s too expensive to fix.

Tier 92 Elite Sirenic & Tectonic Armour
Tier 92 Elite Armours can now be repaired at much cheaper rates. Players can now create a ‘Repair Patch’ that will partially repair their T92 Sirenic and Tectonic armours.
* The following materials are required for an Elite Sirenic repair patch:
– 7x ancient scales
– 1x sirenic scale
– 2x winterwold wool
– 2x black stone hearts
* The following materials are required for an Elite Tectonic repair patch:
– 7x draconic energy
– 1x tectonic energy
– 2x summerdown wool
– 2x black stone hearts
* Fully repairing armour will require:
– 2x repair patches for a helm
– 6x repair patches for a body
– 4x repair patches for legs
Additionally, if an armour piece is augmented, each repair patch will require 6x divine charges.

* Following the repair changes, the creation of T92 Elite armours now includes new ‘praesulic essences’ similar to those required for Masterwork armour.
– Praesulic essence has been split into praesulic essence (melee), praesulic essence (ranged) and praesulic essence (magic).
– 10x praesulic essence (ranged) will be required for a full set of Elite Sirenic.
– 10x praesulic essence (magic) will be required for a full set of Elite Tectonic.
– These praesulic essences can be acquired by breaking down Pernix, Virtus and Torva gear at the Dragonkin Forge for Ranged, Magic and Melee essence respectively.

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