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A year after signing a long-term deal, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown changed his contract Wednesday in Pittsburgh to stay under his salary limit.

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Brown decreased his salary for 2013 from $4.5 million down to $655.000. with the rest of his salary being transformed into a signing bonus according to an article from Pro Football Talk. In converting Brown’s base salary into a signing bonus the Steelers can spread the cost over the remaining time of his contract, which will reduce the salary cap for 2013. As per the article, the agreement will reduce the cost to Pittsburgh $3.08 million in the next season, which is a significant amount for a team that started in the offseason with an estimated $14 million over the cap on salary.

Brown was the most recent Steeler to change their contract after Linebacker Lawrence Timmons reworked his deal on Tuesday. The quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is also reportedly in the process of restructuring his contract in order to create the salary cap. Due to a number of high-priced veteran players The Steelers are currently in one of the most difficult salary cap situations in the Madden NFL 23.

At present, Roethlisberger, LaMarr Woodley, Troy Polamalu, James Harrison and Ike Taylor are set to account for over half the salary cap for 2013. These contracts, along with the high wages of a handful of veterans, leave Pittsburgh with just enough allowances to fill the roster, let it is not even able to pursue free agents.

Restructuring Brown and other players will aid in helping Pittsburgh to stay under the salary cap for 2013 by the deadline of March 12 However, it may not allow Pittsburgh buy madden 23 coins with enough room to play in free agency. In addition to Brown, Timmons and Roethlisberger The Steelers might also try to modify or even let go James Harrison, Ryan Clark and Brett Keisel.

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