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Most people when they start their spiritual development process are often not aware of the difference between the different psychic abilities and call every one psychic. There is a distinct difference in the abilities and as the pupil’s spiritual growth develops they can become far more aware of each of these abilities. It is important for us to remember that as spirit people no longer have a physical body, they cannot easily show themselves to us without a large amount of energy supplied to them.

They are not physical so we do not connect with them with our physical body but with in our mental and emotional mind. The most practiced spiritual growth technique would be to follow guided meditations in a spiritual development circle and/or enhance that with the use of downloadable meditations for meditations exercises. When following spiritual meditation we are activating certain areas of the brain and getting used to using them.

Over time, we become more adept at understanding and focusing on our spiritual connection. Is the ability to see spirit within your mind, seeing moving pictures, symbols, people’s faces and places shown to you by spirit? This is when spirit communicate with you directly in the area of your brain where your eyes would register what you see but bypassing your physical eyes.


Is the ability to hear spirits within your mind? When we hear spirit within our minds, we know it is not us because of the way they speak and the information they pass through to us is most often things we would not think of or say. Being psychic is the ability to read the information from people’s auras or from inanimate objects.

Most psychics can read past and present information and are able to understand the intricate flow of energy as it passes into the future and thus can closely predict oncoming events. Tarot card, rune and psychometry readings are done by using psychic ability. With a better understanding of the spiritual abilities we can start to understand more about our spiritual growth.


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