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Social media groups. Humans have established several means of initiating conversation among themselves. The atmosphere is mostly saturated with mutual relationships, business ideas, information, education, entertainment, religion and most of all technology.

The concurrent inventions in technology have transformed the pattern of group gathering and conversation. Such platforms as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter and more gives people the opportunity to create groups for several purposes.

Caught in this web, people of different creeds and heterogeneous backgrounds are made to join these social media groups just for the single reason of getting information. As things may turn out, owing to the individual difference factor, members of these groups take to different functions to breathe life into the group. Some could be great informants, some jesters, crazyand some always acting confused and ready to ask questions about the least common piece of information.

Sounds familiar right? Now let’s see where you belong:

The Continuity Announcer

This group constitutes the group administrators. Often they are the ones who give first-hand information about the group’s major motive. He answers to most of the pressing questions. Messages from management, the new business trend, the new product prices, the dress codes etc. are usually announced by these executive group members. Still in this category, you can find admins who are always ready to remove unrepentant noisemakers and give caution to fighters.


This group of persons are great persuasive speakers. For one reason or the other, they make appeal for funds usually for some other person who is related to the group. They sound like – ‘he’s our brother, we did it before and we can do it again.’

Back then in school, the easiest way to raise money from your peers and course mates was on the WhatsApp class group. You only need to meet one of the influencers who, of course, is a fundraiser. And as expected, the class responds positively and quick because they have mastered the tone of the pitch.

The Hush Type

These group members are just in the group to scroll down the chats for information. They hardly make their presence known to other group members. They rather call a message source than throw a question to the group.

Often, people in this category can be really busy people, introverts or coy. The busy ones sometime have the opportunity to go through the chat once or twice daily. The introverts try as much to avoid arguments and prefer to keep opinions to themselves than expressing it. Interestingly, they tend to capture every scenario in the group chat.

The Jungle Cats

This group category can be really troublesome. They talk back at every single comment made either directly or indirectly to them. In fact, they are ever ready to fall out with anyone who misbehaves; they can fight your fight and still come out victorious. They are habitual to using vulgar dictions and are loose to anger.

However, this group of persons hardly keep positive image persona. Belonging to this group is not commendable.

Business Tycoons

Among this social media groups are business men and women, boys and girls. They take advantage of the relationships they have established with the group members to introduce several online business trends. Usually, some of those shared messages come with commission; so the more groups they join, the more commissions they get.

Ponzi schemes that took to trend in 2016/2017 came alive through social media and it spread really quick because of the activities of this group.

Whichever category you belong to, just make sure your personal image is positively represented. Always make an impact – a calm positive impact or a loud one. The calm one makes your image persona irreplaceable.

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