Dark Matter

A spaceship crew awaken from stasis on the spaceship, the Raza, with no memory of their mission or identity, or why they are together as a crew. So they assume numeric names One through Six, in the order in which they awakened. 

American Gods

One gets the feeling that this clash is going to turn into an epic battle not to be missed. But there is a big fly in the ointment, for both sides – an undead wife that have her own deadly powers and she is set to save the golden boy of the tale – her ‘puppy’.

The Bad Batch

There is a hostile desert wasteland that is home to thousands of people that was dumped there because society finds them unacceptable. Oh, it’s fenced off. They are going nowhere.


The Preacher Goes On His Quest. Will Jesse find God in this season? And if he does, what will go down?
And how is he going to escape the deadly grasp of the unholy saint of killers that can’t be destroyed?

King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

Well, this version of the story of Arthur and  Excalibur comes out of the rich mind of Guy Ritchie. It is a ride into the world of medieval times where men wield their power through magic by making alliances with mystical creatures.


Riviera immediately kicks off with an attention-grabbing start that keeps you watching to see what happens next. You soon realize that there is a lot more going than it looks like initially, and that guessing the thread of the story is going to take a lot more than you think.

John Wick Chapter 2

He is John Wick, the man that refuses to die. His enemies do the dying, violently. The movie immediately follows up where it ended in the first chapter and takes us back to the aftermath of the showdown that ended all showdowns.

Publicity Tips for Musicians

PR isn’t only about simply pitching and receiving coverage. If you desire to run a successful PR campaign it’s important to follow these steps: Pick the right press. It’s don’t just very important the method that you review, but whom you pitch. Is this or that mass media taken with song reports? Does your target