Event security came under scrutiny almost immediately following the Jacksonville shooting when compLexity Gaming CEO Jason Lake tweeted criticism of events both large and small Mut 23 Coins. “It’s time esports events double down on security for everyone in general and players specifically,” he wrote. Lake later confirmed that a compLexity player, Drini “Young Drini” Gjoka, was shot in the hand during the event.

Other esports executives have since come forward to discuss event security, including Evo CEO Joey Cuellar. “While Evo does not comment on security procedures for obvious reasons, it’s very clear that we need to be more proactive for 2019 and beyond,” Cuellar wrote on Twitter. “The amount of undercover law enforcement at Evo was unprecedented, and we will be installing metal detectors for all days next year.”

Madden 23 developer Electronic Arts has also canceled its remaining Madden Classic qualifying events following the shooting. The company will “run a comprehensive review of safety protocols” for future events. Madden 23 developer Electronic Arts has canceled the remaining Madden Classic qualifying events following a shooting at the Jackonsville stage.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson penned a letter to players and fans of Madden esports. The letter, posted on the EA website, condemns the actions of David “Bread” Katz Buy Mut Coins Madden 23, who killed Taylor “spotmeplzzz” Robertson and Eli “Trueboy” Clayton during a Madden Classic qualifying event in Florida. Eleven others were injured during the incident—10 shot and one injured elsewhere at the scene.

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