OSRS Ironman Crafting Guide – Make everything from scratch

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Have you ever been wondering who the players with this fancy helmet icon on the chat? Maybe you have seen some of them looking differently than the majority of the player base, wearing strange set pieces that do not match. These are the Ironmen – most dedicated players of Old School RuneScape who chose to do everything in the game on their own. Because Ironman players are restricted to be self-sufficient (which means that they cannot trade with or use the Grand Exchange), they have to rely on crafting. Making the best of what you have is the motto of each and every Ironman player, and here we are to buy rs3 gold with 8% off and help you with that.

Who are Ironman players?

How to begin

Skills with crafting involved

















Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are Ironman players?

Adventurers choosing to make their game even harder than it already is may want to raise its difficulty by becoming an Ironman. Currently, there are three types of them in OSRS

Standard Ironman – Have to be utterly self-sufficient, meaning that they won’t be able to access any goods or items made or acquired by other players. It includes drop stealing, trading, entering their house, receiving EXP for killing them, etc.

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Hardcore Ironman – Same as the above, except death in this mode is punished by degrading Hardcore Ironman to the Standard Ironman. It does not apply to safe minigames like Nightmare Zone.

Ultimate Ironman – Just like above, they are given Standard Ironman restrictions with some additional ones. They are restricted from using banks of RuneScape, restricted from using Managing Miscellania, or use a seed vault. On top of that, they will lose their items upon death (although they will keep untradable things).

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