Minnesota defensive lineman Boye Mafe was considered to Madden 23 coins be a Top 100 player with a good chance to be chosen on Day 2 . Madden NFL 23 Draft. This is no longer the case. A true freak athlete with technique concerns No one did better than Mafe during The Senior Bowl.

A player who was an edge rusher, was a sponge being instructed, taking in everything being taught to him and continuously improving throughout the week. However, when it came to the game he went off. Mafe completed the game with two bags, a tackle for the loss and forced fumble. All this coming with only five days of practice with his hand on the ground. Really, he’d been a stand-up pass rusher until the Senior Bowl, and immediately became a force.

There’s no doubt Mafe is a star with his performance, and the only factor that keeps him from the initial round could be the depth of the pass rushing class is. But, I could see him sneaking into the second round of the first round to join on a playoff team so that you could be a rotating rusher in the beginning, and with the possibility of becoming a difference maker in season two.

No. 4: Trevor Penning is making an impressive case to be a first round pick

There are so many good offensive linemen this year that it became easy to overlook Trevor Penning out of Northern Iowa. It’s not the case anymore. Penning changed his mind from likely to be a 2nd or 3rd round pick , and he looks the part of an athlete who could be taken by someone in the first.

at 6’6″ and 330 lbs his size in this class is only surpassed by the Alabama’s Evan Neal, who will most likely be in the Top 10. Penning is also adept at use his size to his advantage, and is also extremely quick for a guy of his size. In addition, he showed a strong streak of play in Senior Bowl practices this week that made old-school football players beg for more.

One of the most intriguing QBs that doesn’t get a lot of media attention is Carson Strong, and there’s no need to sugar coat this fact: He was a bad QB. It’s going to require an elite team that values his stature, pocket QB, to select Strong at all But one key selling point for Strong is the choice he’s making inside the pocket.

Taking limited snaps in the Senior Bowl, Strong was inconsistent in his passing, throwing an interception, and fumbled the ball. It was a nightmare outing for a player that has potential to play in the first round. However, to say it’s over. It’s more than that. Strong will need to cheap mut 23 coins put in a lot of effort into his Pro Day and at the meeting to prove his team that what happened at his participation in the Senior Bowl was a blip on the radar and not a sign of something more damaging.

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