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Ok look I feel you. For real I get it. The TBC reps


If the technology was released by 2021 , the daily blizzards would be essentially mandatory because they’d be linked to some kind of WOW TBC Gold ongoing ability to characterize, therefore if you didn’t do them, you’d be a step behind the rest of the players. You’d also get this power through doing heroics. So you’ll feel the need to be doing them every day even when you’re on T6 bis.

What? What? Glad mounts may be netherdrakes that were armored. There are two kinds of netherdrakes.

There were also skytongue mounts, the kara mount as well as talbuks, ashes, flying machines, and an horse called a hippogryph. Except for the kara mount, which was a model of a horse sporting fangs, the other mounts had distinct models.

Ok look I feel you. For real I get it. The TBC reps are also important to me. When you’ve done it you’ll be rewarded with all the heroics that are required. There are some items that can be extremely valuable when you repeat the process which is why some aren’t able to be replaced.

The way you describe it. The Frenzied Feltalon experience is as if it’s a bit boring when its just a alteration of two mounts that you already own. The mere change in color isn’t enough to compensate for the vast difference in difficulty. There are a myriad of shades of mounts that mix together, you don’t have to worry about which you’ve got. The value of the wild mount can be reduced because they are so closely tied. This is due to the fact that the value that a freebie mount isn’t going to increase even though it appears uncommon.

They are all recolours of mounts available via different methods. Then there are all the drake mounts from WotLK and Cata which are just recolours of rare spawn drops/reputation/achievement rewards.

There are other raid mounts that I didn’t include. Glacial Tidestorm is from mythical Jaina which is a skin of the mount of the shaman class. Ny’alotha Allseer originates from mythical N’Zoth, which is just an updated jelfish mount.

It’s a matter of what you mean when you say “reskin”. It’s based on what you define by “reskin”.

The only “original at the time” mythical mount that I can think of is Archimonde’s Felsteel Annihilator. And I think the buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold new Sylvanas mythic mount is the first model of its kind too.

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