We’ve got our full interview below, or check out some of WOW WOTLK Classic Gold the big Blizzcon announcements you may have been unable to catch here. Also, in addition to the big World of Warcraft announcements, we also have a feature discussing some of the big questions raised by the legacy server World of Warcraft classic that was also announced at the show.World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth Features Overview

The text below was edited for content and clarity I’m guessing that it’s like Horde and the Alliance are actually getting closer and closer, however, Battle for Azeroth pushes the two sides back. The game is really focused on the original faction experience. But what was the motive to break them apart again?

John Hight: Like they were historically, are they right? They’ll meet, they’ll battle a common foe and then their rift will form. It’s a big gap that formed during Legion. It was an difficult alliance for the Alliance and Horde in order to defeat one of their common enemies, the Legion. Now that the Legion is defeated–spoilers but I’m sure everyone understands that at some point we’re going end the expansion.

But things happen which have left scars between two sides. And then things happen in the beginning in Battle for Azeroth that cement the relationship. The images you’ll be seeing which has Sylvanas facing Teldrassil on fire. In the beginning of the film incident, it was just before the Alliance finally say, “Okay, we’ve had it” before they attack Lordaeron. It’s clear that some very heavy happenings are expected to take place between them. And we just felt like this was a amazing time to get back to that illustrious fight in the middle between Alliance with Horde.

With two different continents…are the cartographers from Azeroth simply truly bad at their jobs? How do these new landmasses keep popping up?It’s rough out there. I’m referring to sea-going Warcraft and blimps. There’s no way to be able to see all of the things. There’s a lot traveling across channels we’ve all heard of.Are we going to see something like Pandaria where it’s been hiding in the mists time?

No. I mean this was talked about in some fiction, and it’s an issue that’s been avoided in the game itself. But it was in an area that’s totally unexplored. The reason for this is that both sides are trying to pull together additional allies in this massive conflict. And the last thing they would like to do is be in one of these new areas, and people that reside there, fall in those of the opposing side.

I’ve always been more of an Alliance player. However, when it comes to story, I take cheap WOTLK Gold  plenty of criticism from Horde friends who claim their lore is more interesting. The Horde has that fall from grace that makes them seem a less relatable in some ways. The humans are often people who are nice, but they become dicks.

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