‘No-A’ – A Sci-fi Short Film presented by DUST

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Short film: 4:57 minutes – No-A


A battle of massive machines. Bullets ricocheting, metal mashing, glass shattering, buildings crumbling. Stuck right in the middle of chaos with no explanation. But no explanation is needed. Liam Murphy’s No-A communicates everything we need to know about its main characters through wordless action. The end result is an empathetic and poignant short fueled by a robot’s love for its creator and its willingness to pay the ultimate sacrifice to save this girl from harm. An extraordinary display of compelling characters who grow on you in monumental strides in the span of a few minutes.

No-A is a fragmented story filled with uncertainty, but there is one thing you can be sure of: you will finish this short wanting more.

‘No-A’ by Liam Murphy

Official filmmaker site: http://www.liammurphyanimation.com

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