Diogo Jota is an 85 overall with decent stat lines in each category. You Fut 24 Coins can count on him to contribute heavily to the attack and to track back given his high defensive Work Rate. With 85 Pace and Dribbling, players can expect to dice their way through Premier League defenders.

Romelu Lukaku makes his presence known inside the box as a tactical finisher with a high Strength stat. HeArsquo;s a menace on set pieces and can punish unassuming teams in the run of play. The Belgian left-footed superstar has a four-star weak foot.

Lukaku is an 86 overall in FC 24. His two greatest attributes as a player are his Shooting and Physicality; each is at 85 and 82 respectively. His 95 Strength makes him the strongest striker in the game. Pair that with his 87 Shot Power and few goalies are saving anything he puts on frame.

Ciro Immobile is a fox in the box for Lazio in Italy. His stats are balanced with shooting as his best category. Although not the best dribbler, Immobile can do wonderful things when in front of the net Andash; like score a ton of goals.
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Immobile’s striker rating reflects his recent success on the pitch. He’s rated 86 overall, and can also be played in the center forward position with an 83 rating. His best stat is his Finishing, which is at a staggering 91. Immobile is at his best in a team that can get him the ball in dangerous areas around the net. All he needs is a bit of space and separation for a goal-scoring opportunity.

Lautaro Martinez is a versatile striker with stats in the 90s and high 80s in just about every category. His high and medium attacking and defensive Work Rates mean heArsquo;ll do his best to join the attack, trying to win the ball back after heArsquo;s dispossessed.

Martinez has a base rating of 86. The 2022 World Cup winner saw an increase in his stats after the tournament and earned himself an 89-rated World Cup Phenom Ultimate  Buy FC 24 Coins Team card. His 83 Pace and 85 Dribbling let him push the ball past defenders where his finishing stats shine.

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