If you’re experiencing a nagging freeze bug in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, we’ve some good news for you because a solution has been identified.Whether the cause is Nba 2k23 mt believed to be the Palace Intrigue or Courting Calloway quest There’s a fix if you’re NBA 2K23 MyCAREER is facing this glitch.How to fix the NBA MyCAREER freeze issue, can’t play next game.

Although there are some wonderful things to be said about NBA 2K23 MyCAREER this year featuring exciting quests like It’s a Cole World, some players are having trouble with an extremely serious bug.We encountered this issue on our own NBA 2K23 MyCAREER save, and it seems to appear when you try to play your next NBA game causes an entire game freeze.

After trying a few different ways, we’ve finally found one that was successful and solved Our frozen MyCAREER save.It appears the issue here is connected to the clothes your MyPLAYER wears, and the freeze happens just before the pre-game fashion-walk triggers.Shop now: Officially licensed NBA Apparel & Gear at NBA Store.This glitch was noticed by players while working on the Palace Intrigue and Courting Calloway quests in The City, so it’s not clear which is the culprit.

There are a couple of inventory items as seen in the image below that are marked with plus signs, which indicate that they’re a brand-related bonus, but are lacking the icon, and some connected to earlier quests might have triggered this.Before trying to play at our following NBA basketball game we took out the following items: We aren’t able to confirm the specific item that caused the issue, but those Calloway’s Court items seem most likely because they’d most recently been received.

In any case, if you’re encountering this problem in the midst of the Courting Calloway or Palace Intrigue quests, we recommend taking each of them off immediately following the game restart to determine whether this can resolve the bug.For us, the removals did keep the game freeze from happening and allowed the MyCAREER saves to continue playing without issue.2K is expected to release an update in the near future with a more permanent fix however this workaround can keep the issue at bay until that time.

NBA 2K23’s MyCAREER won’t be complete with The Neighborhood This year, it will also be launched for Current Gen consoles (PS4. Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch), The Neighborhood will be aboard The G.O.A.T. Boat. This luxurious cruise ship is fitted with more 2k23 mt buy courts as well as new activities, like that of last season’s Cancha del Mar.

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