There’s absolutely Nothing wrong in Travon Walker  madden 23 mut coins . In fact, I had him as a No. 12 in my mock for the Vikings and I think that he’d make a fantastic selection. If the Panthers select him with their sixth pick , it’s an incredible error.

It’s not a secret that this team is in need of pass-rushing assistance with regard to Brian Burns, they need plenty of everything however, this player needs to be an offensive lineman, or a quarterback in the event that Carolina becomes a fan. There’s simply no room for anything else, especially with Mississippi State’s OT Charles Cross still on the board, which is a hand-meet-glove selection.

Picking Walker is disastrous to Carolina’s rebuilding, as the move would not offer any support to their struggling offensive, which is the main focus here.

There is no cornerback within the top 10… What? There is definitely some debate about Derek Stingley Jr. and Sauce Gardner about who will be the top corner in this draft, but there’s nothing in which I could see either one of them getting out of the top 10.

The position is too important in Madden NFL 23 to see six linemen start early but no corners. I’m thinking that eventually both Stingley Jr. and Gardner will finish top 10.It’s odd, but I could definitely visualize it happening. Kiper does not have a passer wait until the 18th of September, when the Saints select Kenny Pickett. Then the Steelers choose Malik Willis at 20.

I’ve been trying my best to describe what I think about Willis and Pickett I’m beginning to think I’ve decided on the comparison that I am more comfortable with: I think Willis is a poor man’s Kyler Murray, with his inscrutableness and strength in the arm, but with no resume to back up being taken higher. Pickett is a great Josh Rosen. Similar concerns regarding cockiness but some pro-level tools you hope you can use as a group.

These aren’t exactly glowing descriptions, which is why I can imagine this transition into the middle of the circle as a possibility. However, I’m betting on people who are willing to bet on Willis and let him go far in the current draft.

Mike McDaniel nailed Rich Eisen’s coaching cliche challenge

There’s no doubt that Dolphins director of football Mike McDaniel is a very different kind of guy. Although he’s not considered to be the youngest coach in the Madden NFL 23 by the numbers, he’s an oasis of air in a generally stale career path.

McDaniel likes to have an enjoyable time, and doesn’t like talking in tired metaphors for coaching. This is why it was shocking on the weekend that he busted out several rows in madden 23 coins cheap a rant filled with football cliches until we found out the meaning behind it. McDaniel was caught in a scam with Rich Eisen to spoof the entire event.

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