Digital signage has consistently become more advanced as technology does. The digital signage software of today is more versatile, ensuring that you get the digital signage that you need to better power your business. From digital signage to digital menu software, digital signage can be great for your business. But how can you tell if your digital signage is working for you? Read on to learn how to see if your digital signage is effective in helping your business achieve its goals.

Unique Web Addresses

Digital signage software allows you to create unique web addresses that can only be accessed when used through a digital sign. The web address can then be linked to Google Analytics, allowing you to track whether or not people are clicking on these web addresses. This can help you see which, if any, of your digital signage is most effective.

Screen Discounts

Another way to measure how successful your digital signage can be is through special on-screen discounts and phrases. Your team of marketing professionals can track how many times this phrase or discount was used to see if your digital signage was successful. Customers will love the special discounts, but this allows you to make sure that your digital signage is attractive to potential customers.

Signage Triggers

These days, digital signage can take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT). This makes the digital signage interactive, which can capture every interaction the customer has with the digital signage. By seeing how many people interact with your digital signage, you are able to see just how many people notice and engage with your signage. You can also do things like add in your latest specials on the software and track how many people order these specials.

Social Media

People spend a lot of time on social media, which is why businesses invest a lot of their time there was well. Digital signage now has the capability to connect with social media accounts, displaying live feeds and posts from different social media sites. How does this help you measure how successful your digital signage is? Things like hashtags make this possible.

For instance, say you have a new drink option. You can have a campaign where people use a specific hashtag and post pictures of them enjoying that beverage. Your digital signage analytics can track how many times this hashtag was use, measuring the successful of your signage.

Touchscreen Integration

With touchscreen digital signage, you get interactive digital signage that can help you collect valuable data. You can utilize features like digital check-ins, wayfinding, and ordering food from your digital signage. You can have a digital brochure and get data as to which pages are the most successful. This instant data from the signage to see the success of your campaign.


Digital signage can be extremely beneficial for your business. Now that you know how to measure the success of your digital signage, you are able to better see just how beneficial they are. This is an excellent investment into your business, helping you meet your sales goals.

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